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UMORE Group dedicates to the global clean technology development. Via our professional network around the world, we connect the appropriate cleantech solutions from enterprises, academic institutes and governments abroad to the Chinese partners, assist their marketing and drive their business growth in China. Established by UMORE, CLEANCONNECT is an international clean technologies Platform developed by UMORE that connects both Chinese  and overseas corporates with each other by providing service like networking, match-making to open new business opportunities in technology cooperation, marketing and investment.


Worldview Global Consulting LLC (WGC)

WGC is a Beijing-based consulting firm providing services to universities, government agencies, and individuals in the areas of public policy, international education and training, global business development, and career advancement, and  offers expertise in designing and implementing new graduate degree programs, creating innovative in-service training programs for global professionals, and developing strategies for organizations facing the challenges of globalization. WGC’s current clients include government agencies and universities in China, Europe, and the U.S. WGC works with companies in China, the U.S., and elsewhere who are looking for investors and partners to help them achieve the goal of “making their business global.” In particular, WGC focus on the fast-growing sectors of education, healthcare, real estate, and renewable/efficient energy.

China Everbright Bank (CEB)

Established in August 1992, China Everbright Bank (CEB) is headquartered in Beijing and is a financial institution that is founded under the approval of the State Council and the People's Bank of China. CEB has made outstanding achievements through the years and has cultivated a strong competitive edge in its corporate, treasury, investment banking, wealth management and mortgage businesses. CEB (Ticker 601818) went IPO on Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 18, 2010.  

 Worldwide Capital Group LLC (WCG)

WCG is a global merchant bank and strategic advisory firm headquartered in San Francisco, CA. WCG services growth-oriented companies across a variety of sectors and stages with a focus on Clean/Renewable Energy and Information Technologies. WCG assists growth companies in raising capital, M&A advisory, corporate strategy and development, investor exit strategies, capital market related activities, and public market strategies. WCG works through its partners to service the Chinese/Asian markets, and has sales distribution partners in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.